About 8tailedbiiju: I'm a rapid phycotic otaku! My plushies of the underworld will pwn u all!!! -twitch- my fav series is Black Cat! Oh, im also a big gamer! My Character: Hello. I am Ryudori Abunai. My uncle sealed an eight tailed artic fox demon inside of me exactly like the fourth did. Im 25 and BADAZZ! I gained chunin at 6 in Hyoukagure and ANBU head capt. at 10 in Sunakagure. I now live in Konohakagure. Ability: Ice and crystal exactly like Gaara but in a prism. Gaara stole my idea! D= Fav. Jutsu: Hyouton:Ice Coffin! Imperial Crystal Funeral. Alias: Shiro Namikaze I am a member of the SSS and Ruler of Ask Zabuza on theotaku. I am creator of Rasengannaruto on weebly. FEAR ME!!!! Or give me a box of cookies....>> Mottos: Why make you happy if it makes me unhappy? Im happy because your not. Your absolutely right, Im not listening!